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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Almería 2 Real Murcia 2

This friendly was played in Lorca, all the gate money going towards earthquake relief (Lorca was severly damaged by 2 strong quakes on May 11th).

Real lined up in the first half with :

Molinero - Oriol - Amaya - Párraga
Richi - Aguilera - Nuno - Pedro
Emilio Sánchez - Kike

In the second half Isaac Jové, Mario Marín, Pablo, Chando, Nico, Luciano and Sutil came on.

Now this was a serious friendly against a decent Almeria outfit who must be one of the favorites for promotion. They were definately taking this game seriousely, as they only made a few substitutions and were almost what we could call a first 11, and made several over zealous tackles. Real Murcia were also almost a first 11, but with trialist Nuno on the right wing.....he didn't look out of place, but his contribution was limited and after a brutal over the top challenge didn't feature much, and was substituted at the break. We took the lead through a nice Kike finish after a great pass by Emilio Sanchez (who looks a good buy - controlled the midfield and always seemed to choose the right ball). Both Almeria goals were avoidable, the first was a bit of a gift...sloppy defending, and the second the ref missed a clear foul. Sutil came on...and had immediate impact, his good play obliging a defender to handle in the area, he took the pen, missed, but put the rebound away.

Think we are just a defender and a striker away form being very solid.

Now....solidarity with the people of Lorca, victims of the earthquakes. Back in May there were other benefit games...and at one of these we had people very upset at not being able to contribute, and a very full 33,000 capacity stadium. yesterday these same people could have contributed.....they chose not to. In's Madrid, Barcelona...or nothing.

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