Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Can you imagine Real Murcia playing a Europa League group stage game at the New Condomina? Against a decent Bundesliga side who made the first knockout stage of the champions league the previous season? I would expect minimum 20,000 to turn up, as evidently we would be in primera and have had a very good season to qualify.

I can see why a really big club may have a lower attendance for such a tie - maybe a side who have played Champions league and a Europa League tie is unattractive. Perhaps Liverpool on a wet Thursday against Napoli may have only attracted 25 or 30,000 to Anfield.

I'll get to the point...

I just put the telly on....and they are showing Getafe against Stuttgart. GETAFE. The ground has one full part.....where the Stuttgart fans are located....and they must be thinking something is wrong with Spanish fans. A couple of thousand have made their way for a midweek european away tie, taking time off, spending their hard earned.....AND THEY OUTNUMBER THE LOCALS. The rest of the stadium is blue plastic empty seats.

I don't get it. Even if Getafe have put the prices to, whatever, 30 can there be more people from Stuttgart, paying a plane fare, ticket to the match, beers, food etc., than locals? Those same Stuttgart fans wouldn't dream of not turning up to a home game. And I can't believe 75% of Getafe's season ticket holders are unemployed and can't afford it. Football seems to be very low priority unless Real Madrid or Barcelona are involved.

Sorry for the 1,000 Getafe fans that have bothered to turn up, but I hope they get relegated as soon as possible. UEFA league? 7,800 turned up for Real Murcia's segunda B match against Poli Ejido on Monday....when will it be our turn?



  1. Hi, is there any way i can get the Murcia shirt online, delivered to the UK?.


  2. Ditto - would be good to access some of the souvenirs online (Xmas is coming!). PETE.

  3. Unfortunately as far as I know there is no mail order service, which is a shame as at the club shop isn't exactly rushed off it's feet.....

  4. Nice to see a few more items added to the shop page of the official site. I might try contacting the club direct. They may think its more trouble than its worth / They may love the idea that there is a demand in the UK! PETE

  5. To be honest.....I think the girls in the club shop are probably bored stiff and thankful for something to do! That the club does not off mail order....seems strange, costs next to nothing to do....