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Monday, October 11, 2010

We are all equal....some more than others.....

Last week, Yayo Delgado very rightly drew attention to the poor application of the law regarding alochol in Spanish Football stadiums. The Antiviolence law clearly states that any alcohol consumption will result in a 3.001 euro fine, and a ban of so many months from attending any sporting event.

"If they catch you with a can of beer in the stadium, you will be hit with a 3.000 euro fine, and punished with a ban from any sporting arena for a time. The sacred antiviolence law. But two meters away, there can be some big boss with fat fingers and a tasteless silk tie who whilst watching how the police remove the heartless offender who opened a can at halftime to accompany his meat pie, is toasting with his twentieth half of premium lager, that's if not with a glass of Champagne. There have always been classes, and quite well the big bosses can have their private box to themselves, snacks, prawns, chocolates and smiling hostesses with prominent cleavage. Great. But what makes them exempt from the law?"

At our own New Condomina, this season we find that the new "law against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport" has gone to the length of banning the entrance of bottled water. In small plastic bottles. And this is carried out to the letter....not one plastic bottle will enter, in the name of tolerance. This is nannystate gone mad. All this while the suited politicians and the powerful quaff ice cold beer and high end Cava (No? If they had lukewarm no alcohol beer in card cups, they would never miss the first 5 minutes of the second half EVER).

The law is crystal clear, and I quote from official state bulletin 166, chapter 1, article 4....."It is prohibited at instalations where sporting competions take place, the introduction, sale and consumption of all classes of alcoholic drinks".

Does it say that the directors box is exempt? No. Does it say that the law only applies in Primera and Segunda? No.

Yesterday, at Yeclano's La"stadium", fresh cool and very alcoholic lovely beer was on sale in the stadium, and was consumed by all and sundry until the barrel was dry. Today we read how the people of Yecla, the club, are up in arms at what they feel was terrible drink fuelled behavior by Real Murcia supporters. Fair enough....but you can't on one hand try to make the most of your probably only full house of the year by selling beer in the ground, with the cash that it creates, and then complain when a minority misbehave. Were the police officers in Yecla unaware of chapter 1, article 4, that is so vigorously applied at the NC? Were they very well aware and part of the scam? Was a blind eye being turned?

The law is again crystal clear on responsability in article 5 of the same law .... "persons physical or legal who organize whatever test, competition or sporting spectacle referred to in article 1 of this law or the events the consist or form part of said competitions, will be patrimonially and administrationally responsible for the damage an disturbances that can be produced by their lack of diligence, prevention or by not adopting preventive measures estabilshed by this law".

A lot of the trouble was indeed drink fuelled. But neither Yeclano or the local police can point fingers - actively or passively, they let it happen by being greedy or by forgetting their responsibility to the general public. Zero prevention, zero diligence.

I'll get my coat!

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  1. You wrote this on your match report: "Yecla... I hope we never go back".

    The perfect summary.

    I said something like this to my father 11 years ago... And we watched the match on TV, of course.

    Sorry for my poor English!

    Moha Timoumi