Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Real Madrid Ticket sales.....

Queues this morning at the box office as the remainder of the tickets went on sale. The abonados took up 12,744....leaving aprox. 16,000 for general sale (the club keep a couple of thousand back to keep the usual slimy hand-wringing grovelling corruptable politicians happy, including snacks and free drinks, whilst not having to queue up pay like mere mortals).

Ho-hum. There was a smell of farmyard and some bleating was heard......


  1. Doesnt look like I can get out for this one, so my first game will have to be a proper bread and butter league game - as it should be!! Thanks for the continued excellent coverage. PETE (casatina)

  2. i cant make it either, any TV/Website coverage do you know?

  3. I think you can quite easily follow the game via the Real Madrid are involved (I can usually find any games I want to see on ). Not sure if the game will be available via Real Murcia's website as league home games are.