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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Real Murcia 2 Estepona 0

Real Murcia:

Gago - Luciano - Amaya - Góngora
Aguilera - Richi - Albiol (Aquino, 70') - Pedro (Isaac, 45')
Kike (Rosquete, 54') - Chando

Gaitán - Jonathan - Arias - Burgueña (Pecas, 80')
Curro - Igna - Durán - Pedro
Cabello (Ríos, 59') - Cruz (Chupi, 59')

1-0 Kike (17')
2-0 Pedro (42')

Att : 7.368

Still top and clear by 3 points, but this should have been a much higher score, Murcia missing 3 easy chances in the first half, Kike, Albiol and Gago guilty of being wasteful in front of goal. Second half was forgettable.

Bright spot was that Aguilera looks a class act and improves with each game....and to think that he was going to be loaned out....he was all over the place, tackles well, distributes the ball intelligently, good in the air, gets out of tight corners with of the match for me.

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