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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Choose Sport and Ignorance

Bit of an off topic, but football related.

I always prided myself on being up to date, informed of world goings on, and able to discuss or have an opinion on most situations. Any international story or current affairs, the economy or stock markets, natural disasters, murder, famine, who is fighting who and the usual cat up tree or eccentric inventor story they end the news with to leave us with a smile on our faces. Now I only know about football.

Maybe it's the passing of time and that I am now fortysomething, but I try to watch the news as little as possible. I prefer to sit there in silent ignorance rather than have to sit through it. This was reinforced strongly this week, when in error I entered the kitchen whilst Mrs. Guiri was watching the telly.....and the news was on.

Strikes, social strife, murder, another murder, toxic waste poisoning the countryside, a woman murdering a 2 day old baby, nations goading other nations, roadside bombs, drive by shootings, stabbings......then the non-news about which rich and famous bimbo is bedding which rich and famous gigolo, or which big brother 4 runner up has had a nosejob, or ageing crooner has had a breakdown, overdose or hair implant. To sum up.....I would be happier not knowing. In the case of the news, because it only makes you stressed and concerned for the future, and in the case of the non has zero interest anyhow. Being ignorant helps keep you happy.

Sport is different. Worries about whether the ref is going to be an ass or if your star striker is going to be fit for Saturday can ruffle the brow but not have you thinking the world is disintigrating into anarchy. Chelsea and Man City's future undeserved world dominance is less of a worry than, say, that Islam will be world dominant in a century. Real Madrid can make you angry, but a pending Ebola pandemic can mean we all go to hell.

But sod it....I can't be arsed to carry the world on my shoulders any more. If the Israelis and the Palestinians are going at it, if the Indians and the Pakistanis are about to anihilate each other, if Obama and Merkel are expecting a lovechild, if N3F6B7 has wiped out half of China......the conversation will leave me wide eyed, open mouthed and silent. But don't get me started on football coz i'll be opinionated, spitting fire and shaking my fist.

I know it's ignorant and stupid. So what?


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