Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Real Murcia 0 Madrid 0

Madrid were very fortunate to get away with a draw. Although they did most of the attacking, they were lucky to finish the first half with 11 men - Diarra should have been off, then referee didn't have the bottle to send him off for a bad tackle that would have been his second booking. Nor did he have the balls to referee evenly, failing to see any fouls against Real Murcia whilst minimum contact on Ronaldo or Pedro León and their outrageous dives were immediately awarded fouls. He choked when Raul Albiol clearly handled in the box.

Teams :

Real Murcia:
Dani Hernández
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Carles - Richi - Miguel Albiol - Dani Aquino (Pedro 57')
Cañadas (Mario Marín 64') - Kike (Rosquete 77').

Sergio Ramos - Pepe - Raúl Albiol - Arbeloa
Diarra - Granero (Khedira 62') - Pedro León - Canales
Cristiano Ronaldo (De María 69') - Benzema (Higuaín 62').

Att. 20.674

Star performances from Dani Hernandez in goal with several good saves, Carles was everywhere in Midfield, and the defence in general looked very strong.

For Madrid Pedro León's performance was woeful. Diving, unsporting, failed to deliver a decent cross in 90 minutes, and chickened out of taking any more corners after delivering 4 or 5 poor efforts. Strutted off as if he were a world star....obviously been watching Ronaldo too closely.


  1. Well said. I hope I can get to the 2nd leg, when we know when it is!

  2. Looks like it will be on Wednesday 10th or Thursday 11th November. But, being Spain, you can't make any plans as they won't make a decision until Friday 5th.
    The more I see the replays the more I see the ref had a complete add to Diarra who should be sent off, Di Maria gives mario Marin an elbow in the face, should have been a straight red, then Pedro León is allowed to shove 3 Murcia players under the refs nose without a yellow being 2 pens....

  3. Your comments are spot on,watched the game through the internet,am a proud red & white today. I hate Madrid. The boys played really well after being under a lot of first half pressure plus a brilliant double save from Dani Hernandez.The tv replays show that we should've had the two penalties.I can't wait to tell people at work tonight that we held the mighty Madrid.