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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Price is Right?

Is getting Real Madrid in the cup a blessing for us Murcia supporters?

Yeah, I know, sounds like a stoopid question.....for the club it is great as they think they can cover half of the budget in one game, for the fans a chance to see our side up against some of the best. But....times are hard for most, and the real fans who have a season ticket, perhaps deserve a bit more than a 50% discount.

"What?"... I hear you saying....."a 50% discount is very reasonable". But think a little deeper and it really isn't.

Me, an abonado, go to see Real Murcia. Not whoever the rival is. I would still go to the game if we were playing Rayo Vallecano reserves, and I think this is the case for the 8.767 hardcore passholders. Prices to the general public for Real Murcia games are the same all season. For example, if I wanted to buy a ticket for the Fondo Sur where I sit, it is (I think) 15 euros. With a 50% discount it would be 7.50. I can understand that the club wants to bleed the "White Sheep" for as much money as possible to see their TV heroes in person.....But why should we have to pay an increase on the normal price just because of the hike in prices for general sale? By all means fleece the sheep.....but not your week in week out fans n'all. discount for juniors or OAP's? In my house we are 4.....and it will cost 120 euros for all of us to go. I can't afford it right now.....who do I leave out? I can see my son opening his piggy bank and coming up with 17.85 euros in small coins and being very upset as he will be a few short. No discount for an 8 year old passholder? What is that about? Can a abonado pensioner afford 30, 45 or 55 euros?

I hope I'm wrong.....but I think they may have priced themselves out of a full house.

2 rants in 2 days. Thats Monday for ya.

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