Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pre season friendlies.....

Saturday 31st July in Torrellano (that's right next to Alicante airport) TORRELLANO - REAL MURCIA.

Thursday 5th August in Campoamor : HORADADA - REAL MURCIA.

Wednesday 11th August at Los Arcos stadium in Orihuela : ORIHUELA - REAL MURCIA.

Saturday 14th August at El Clariano stadium : ONTENIENTE - REAL MURCIA

Tuesday 17th August at the Municipal de Villafranquesa de Alicante : ALICANTE - REAL MURCIA

Sunday 22nd August at Nueva Condomina : REAL MURCIA - ELCHE.

Hope to catch up with some of you at these friendlies. You can't miss me, I look like, if you can imagine, Ronald Koeman and Meatloaf's lovechild.


  1. Nice to read some English humour. And to see the pre-season fixtures listed. The official Murcia web site seems to keep them a secret.

  2. They have also added a trip to CF Alicante on the 17/08/2010.I Don't know if it's at the same stadium as Hercules Alicante I know they shared a couple of years ago.

  3. Thanks for the news of the game against Alicante (duly added) from the official website I can see this will not be at the Rico Perez, but at the "Municipal de Villanfranqueza de Alicante".

  4. I have been to the Rico Perez but not the "Municipal de Villanfranqueza de Alicante".
    Any help at how to find it would be very appreciable as it is the only friendly I can attend this season.

  5. Just put "Calle del Barítono Paco Latorre, Alicante" into Google maps. It's on the outskirts of Alicante, just off the A7 motorway.

  6. Hi! Regards from Denmark.

    I'm visiting Torrevieja between the 3. of august and 13. of august. The trip is set up to be a vacation with 3 of my friends. We all love football, so I was wondering if you could help us find some interesting pre-season games within a area of 100 km. from Torrevieja. (Can be exspanded if its a really interesting game, primera teams etc.)


  7. What better than Orihuela - Real Murcia on 11th August? Cold beer on the terrace and see "real" Spanish football.....
    Nearest primera team to Torrevieja is Hercules Alicante....but my religion prohibits me from giving you any details ;-P

  8. Well thanks i guess :)

    I dont know where to look for friendly games, since my spanish is almost none-excisting, can you direct me to some sites where I can see whats possible to watch?

    Orihuela - Real Murcia, seems like a fine possibility.

  9. In English?....dunno....

    I do know that Hercules are also playing at Orihuela on the 5th.....but if you did that and then not go to the Real Murcia game you would never be forgiven. I would never eat bacon again.

  10. Heh, i think we might see both games, how much does it cost to see?

  11. Thanks for the info on the Alicante game,can't wait to see them play again.I would also agree that going to see Murcia rather than Hercules is a better choice of game for the people staying in Torrevieja,I have a proprty not far from "Torre" but chose to watch Murcia & they have very passionate supporters.

  12. Danish.....maybe 5 or 10 euros, should not be more. Forget Hercules....

    Passionate supporters, better stadium, better town, nicer kit, better guiris....

  13. Guiri, what time are the matches:

    alicante vs murcia and orihuela vs murcia

    and roughly how much will they be?

    Many Thanks

  14. Expect the games to be quite late....8 p.m. onwards...but I will confirm before each one. Pre season usually between 5 and 10 euros....

  15. Hi there.
    Brand new to this forum so bear with me and play nicely :)
    I visit Murcia 3 times a year and would love to go to a game, how can I arrange tickets from the UK? And where would you sit?

  16. No need to worry about arranging tickets Jon as plenty are available before any game from the box office (we are only going to be around 8,000 season ticket holders, and the stadium capacity is over 30,000). Views are excellent from wherever....depends if you are ok with behind the goal or want to be on the halfway line....
    Thanks for commenting!

  17. Hi Guiri, i'm in Murcia from 27th Aug til 4th Sept - are there any friendlies or league matches you could recommend?

  18. Sorry to say you are out of luck.....we are away against Seville's reserves on the 29th, then at home probably the 5th September....nothing in between.

  19. hi,
    can you tell me how much the season tickets are,
    thx rob, torrevieja

  20. Hello Rob,

    - Tribune Upper : 400 euros.
    - Tribune Lower : 350 euros.
    - Lateral Upper : 250 euros.
    - Lateral Lower : 225 euros.
    - Behind Goal Upper : 150 euros.
    - Behind Goal Lower : 125 euros.

    If you are a family (4 tickets) or a junior or an OAP you get discounts on these prices. Behind the goal is good value, views are good from anywhere.