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Friday, July 23, 2010

Flush of signings for Real Murcia.....

Antonio CAÑADAS Zapata.....Striker, 31 years old, from Murcia region (Albudeite), las season played at Poli Ejido. "As a child I went the the Condomina to see the team. and now it is incredible that I will be wearing that shirt. The key to promotion is unity and most of all honesty. I can still improve and I will give everything for this shirt"

CARLES Marc martinez.....defensive midfielder coming out of Valencias reserves. "I will give everything for Real Murcia, a big club, one of spanish football's historic clubs, and being part of the squad is important for my carrer and I didn't doubt for a second when they called me".

ABRAHAM NOE. Midfielder coming from Lucena. "I am a strong and very quick player. I had many offers from clubs in the second division, but of Real Murcia come calling....I prefer to play here than in segunda. I have come to gain promotion, anything less will be a complete failure".

LUCIANO Gonzalez Groba. Central defender, also arriving from Poli Ejido "In El Ejido we had many off field problems. Real Murcia are forming a great squad and it is a big club. We need take it day by day".

DANI HERNANDEZ Santos. Goalkeeper, Born in Venezuela, also arriving from Valencia'a reserves.

ANDER GAGO Alvarez. Rightback from Lemona in the Basque country. "Real Murcia is a great club. We are priviledged to play at the New Condomina".

Other news is that David De Coz as departed the club and signed for Cordoba, Oscar Sanchez looks like going to play in Canada and Natalio has f'ked off to Tenerife (good riddance to bad rubbish).

Both ALBERTO and ISAAC have renegociated their contracts downwards and will be staying at the club....which is good news.

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