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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Everything Changes, Everything Stays the Same...

Owner Jesus Samper had promised "profound restructure" and that big lessons had been learned after relegation to segunda B. Judging by yesterday's events, we have a reshuffle of the same cards, and the same old attitude and promises.

The first meeting of the day was with the mayor of Murcia, Miguel Angel Camara. The mayor had demanded that Samper "and all his people" should leave the club after relegation was confirmed. But like all good politicians he has made a U turn and was in much less beligerant mood yesterday when he had Samper in front of him. The mayor explained that he had informed samper that he had a group of people interested in taking over the club, but that the club owner had responded hthat he had no intention of selling, and that he felt capable and hopeful of getting the team out of it's current situation. "we have to respect that decision as he is the owner and he decides if he wants to sell or not. The most important thing is that Real Murcia will continue and not be abandoned". Camara stated that "this season's project has closed with a failure and a new sporting management is needed. I have told him (Samper) that if he leaves his sharholding there is interest from others to continue to guarantee the clubs viability, in both sporting and economic terms. he told me that he wants to carry on with Real Murcia, and that he wants to recover what he has lost. Learning from mistakes we can construct a better future. He has assured me that all necessary means will be availble so that Real Murcia can return to professional football as soon as possible. He is committed, has faith, and wants to correct what has been badly done".

Samper commented after the meeting that "I hope that I have made clear my wish as majority shareholder is not to give the club away. Real Murcia has a value, but is not subject to an auction, sale or market". Over the posibility of another side using the New Condomina Stadium Samper was very clear....."If another team plays there, at that moment, however painful, I will take Real Murcia elsewhere". That is just horrible.....horrible that the local government have considered letting Real Murcia run down and handing the name over to another local club, and that Samper considers the club as his franchise, to be moved at his whim. Jesus, although the owner, you are also a custodian of the name and history for every supporter.

For me the worst news of the day was that Jose Angel Serantes will continue as chairman. His only qualifucation, for me, is that he is Samper's yes man. This bloke told me personally that he was "sick and tired of Murcia, football, footballers, and was desperate to get back Madrid and live a quiet life". I think this attitude and fatigue has filtered down through the club. Not once has he defended the interests of the club "on field".....his only comments are to make absurd comparisons between supporting the club and going shopping for a shirt at the Corte Ingles, or to defend his boss against any criticism. Other than sleep, he cannot inspire anything.....

The rest of the board basically remains the same mix of Samper confidents and family, plus the odd Murcian for show (who are then excluded from any real decision making meetings).

Very disappointing.....I was expecting new blood, new ideas, more spark, more humility......but we got more of the same. The club is safe in that Samper pays the bills, but the leadership, drive and dedication isn't suddenly going to appear with the same old faces at the helm. I hope i'm wrong, but I worry after yesterday that our stay in segunda B may be longer than we expect.

Photo : Serantes - still club chairman. Just the thought of him makes the eyelids heavy....

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  1. Hi Guiri,

    Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts. I now have a look at your your blog everyday since I found it through Achopijo.

    God bless Real Murcia.