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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Money trouble.....

Interesting article in today's La Opinion by Jose F. Ponce in regard to the club's precarious finances. Jesus Samper, the majority sharholder, said before the game in Gerona, that if the club were relagated that the administration process "would not be the worst of our problems". The club does have a years margin to commence payment of the debt contemplated when suspention of payments was made.

"In the worst case, the club won't have to start paying out -something it has to do over 5 years- until the second semester of 2011, this gives Samper enough time to return the team to professional football". The debt when the club entered administration, was 24 million euros. "However, this was increased a few months ago as Real Murcia have to pay 5 million euros compensation to the group of clubs known as the G-30, for a breach of contract when negotiating collective television rights".

"The total debt stands at 29 million euros, of which 17 corresponds to ordinary debt, 5 to the taxman, and another 7 to companies also owned by Jesus Samper".

The 5 million compensation.....although the club has to pay, this was something that Samper was personally responsible for, part of an ongoing personal battle with Javier Tebas, from the LFP (Liga de Futbol Profesional). Conspiracy theorists think that Tebas has many friends in the refereeing set up, and that our "bad luck" may be linked.... sum up, we are in the shit.....and we need an express promotion very urgently.

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