Friday, January 25, 2013

Sheep II

You know how we all take the Mickey about Man Utd fans blocking the M6 on their way to Old Trafford? In England, supporting a winning team a long way from your home carries no kudos. You are odd. Weak. Tempted by the easy winnings. In most Spanish provinces it’s the opposite. Support your struggling local outfit, face ridicule. Support Madrid or Barcelona, and you can swagger into the office on a Monday.

This weekend the duopoly reaches a new height. The SHEEP are out in force as there is a new round in their battle; Barcelona B versus Real Madrid B. The “mini-classic” as the sports press is calling it.
Now you may have seen that when I put the Segunda table up here, neither of these 2 sides appears (unless they are in a relegation spot). Why? Because they only serve the adulterate the competition. They can’t be promoted….so what the hell are they doing in the division? The game guarantees a full house at the “Mini Estadi”. Live TV at prime time. And, ridiculous as it sounds, I’m sure this will keep some people away from other games. There are games at Xerez, Alcorcón, Numancia and Mirandés, at the same time, and these could suffer as the sheep amongst their support prefer to snarl and spittle at the TV in perpetuation of the rivalry that diseases the rest of the game in Spain.
It’s a rivalry I refuse to accept. You see Madrid and Barcelona fans that are more fervent anti-Madrid or anti-Barcelona than pro their chosen side. They both seem to despise the other, yet they have become exactly what they despise. Like shouting and waving their fist in a mirror that just looks back at you with a different colour shirt. The two are TWINS.
Outside of Madrid and Barcelona, support Madrid and you support Barcelona. Support Barcelona and you support Real Madrid. Just my opinion.

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