Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Real Murcia - Hercules

Crucial game on Sunday. I know that we sometimes exaggerate things, but in this case, I think it is the correct description. After some poor results, negative circumstances, and after the punishment and sanctions from referees, we have no option other than to grit our teeth, a push upwards. All the complaints can wait, and are worthless right now. The players are those we have, and it is up to them to keep us in the division. The owner isn’t going anywhere.

Crucial. Hercules will come with a blade between their teeth. After the winter break, they will come to take all 3 points, and start a positive run. Real Murcia under the obligation to stop the negative atmosphere with a victory and dispel any worries. Plus it’s a regional derby.

My English heart says that, given the importance to both teams, there should be a big attendance, a minimum of 15 or 16,000. But I know what the fans are like here, and, unless I am mistaken, we won’t even see all the season ticket holders turn up. Sad but true. The fact the game is set for “Three Kings” (Spanish equivalent of Christmas day in the UK – kids get their presents on 6th January), is only a new excuse not to go. People say that on that day, there shouldn’t be any games. The club have also not been very clever. Families get together, and that should be a reason for more people to attend – like Boxing Day in the UK. The fact families are together, instead of seeing one member go off to football, they should take their niece or nephew, cousin, aunt or uncle, parents or grandparents to the game. As soon as the date was announced, the marketing department should have seen it as an opportunity – as a key game – why not offer family packages as a “Kings day” present? If people don’t take up the offer, then at least there is no excuse, the club would have done their bit.

I think that in reality we will only see around 6,000 at the game. The fans are only good if the team is winning. When really needed, they are missing. On Sunday we will see the perfect example. When Elche visited, top of the table and unbeaten, 3.500 of their fans came. Hercules, Elche’s neighbours, bottom of the table and scrapping for their lives in Segunda, let’s see if more than 100 visiting fans come over. This is the reality of supporters in the southeast of Spain.

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