Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celta Referee 1 Real Murcia 0

After the game you can see why Celta have gone now 8 games unbeaten without conceding a goal. They are a half decent side, but, judging by yesterday's game, have been "chosen" to go up and can count on the help of a refereeing establishment so bent on quashing any Real Murcia hopes of anything. Our local commentator on TV gave out a stunning and revealing statistic. Real Murcia have had 10 players sent off this season. Celta.....none. When you see that Celta's goal came after the referee waved play on after a crude foul by Hugo Mallo on Sutil, a clear foul that would and should have signified a second yellow for the Celta defender, you can see why. When Celta visited the New Condomina they got a 50/50 handball decision in their favour for a penalty. Yesterday we had 2 such cases, one in the first minute after a Sutil shot, the arm was outstretched, clear penalty, then in the second half a Celta defender managed to touch clumsily with both hands after a corner but still got away with it.

Celta Vigo:
Yoel (Sergio 36')
Hugo Mallo - Oier - Túñez - Roberto Lago
Oubiña - Alex López - De Lucas - Mario Bermejo (Natxo Insa 79')
Orellana (Bellvís 88') - Iago Aspas - De Burgos Bengoetxea

Real Murcia:
Oriol - Iván Amaya - Jorge García (Nico Varela 89') - Óscar Sánchez
Pedro - Aguilera (Borja 76') - Iturra - Sutil
Richi (Albiol 67') - Chando

1-0 De Burgos Bengoetxea 56'

Referee: Mr. Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea. I think he knew exactly what he was doing, no errors or mistakes, just plain simple carrying out instructions to help one side and hinder another.

Attendance : 8.784 at the Balaidos stadium. Shocking for a team unbeaten in 7 and heading for promotion.

It's easy to figure why so many of the powers that be don't want new technology in football. It takes away their power to influence results - and they do like to influence results. We all know that Real Murcia owner Jesus Samper has no friends amongst the refereeing establishment due to some goings on involving referee's mutuality and his company Santa Monica. We all know that "the most powerful man in Spanish football" (sic) Javier Tebas is a sworn enemy, and they have court cases to prove it. It's clear we are being punished for our owners personal and business problems.

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