Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Real Murcia 0 Cordoba 1

Details.....all in the details. Strikers Chando, Sutil and Kike are all injured. Cordoba's keeper made 2 great point black saves. The referee denied Real Murcia 2 penalties. Cordoba scored with their only shot.

A Real side full of fringe players were miles better than Cordoba, that is an undeniable fact. But that we are out of the King's cup, is another. In general we played well (Chilean international Iturra looks a fine player) and should have won easily - but we were either uncertain in front of goal or their keeper was having a blinder...i'm not sure which. But as usual we were up against a referee refusing to give us anything. In 3 games so far this season we have had at least 5 good and in some cases stonewall pens committed against us, but none awarded. In those same games 1 penalty shout against us (ball to hand not hand to ball) and of course 1 penalty awarded. It's getting beyond a joke.

The goal....a gift. Parraga's misguided backpass intercepted. Another detail.

Real Murcia:

Javi Jiménez
Mario Marín - Luciano - Amaya - Párraga
Iturra - Cerrajería (Aguilera, 81’) - Richi - Pedro
Nico Varela (Isaac, 74’) - Borja (Samuel, 65’)


Fernández - Astrain (Bernardo, 70’) - Prieto - Cerra
Taira (Hervas, 54’) - López Garai - Carlos Martínez - Quero
Balsas - Javi López (Patiño, 65’)

Referee: Mr. Lesma López. Same old same old.

0-1 Quero 89’

Just over 3,700 at the New Condomina. Thanks in great part to the inept and useless RFEF. How on earth can lower league football prosper in Spain when they insist the game be played at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday, the very same time that Spain's world and european champions kicked off an international?

So 3 defeats from 3.....unjust, but that won't stop the rancid press and other vultures from sharpening their knives and, far from trying to halt a negative slide, actually pushing us downhill.

Saturday's game at home to Almeria could get ugly.

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  1. I know what you mean from your two posts. I didnt watch England Bulgaria and only watched the Wales game as it was on ITV1 and I was sat in front of the tv anyway. I saw most of the Elche game via rojadirecta and thought we were unlucky to lose, so we are not out of our depth by any means. It is definitely a sad time for football, but there is no alternative at the moment. Am looking at the 8/9th October for a first visit of the season. Have been trying to get a shirt online but neither the club nor Joma will respond. Joma produce the kit for my home town team Gloucester City and you can get anything online - at Premier league prices! looking forward to meeting up for a beer!.......