Sunday, September 11, 2011

Real Murcia 0 Almería 2

Not a great result, but not altogether unexpected. Everything seems to conspire against us. Our most important attacking players, Sutil, Chando and Kike, are all out injured. Emilio, our most creative midfielder, lasted just 12 minutes. Every 50/50 ball seemed to come out in Almería's favour, the new (late) arrivals are taking their time to gain match fitness and understanding with their new collegues. The fixtures could not have been more cruel, with Celta, Elche, Almería and Valladolid, all promotion candidates, in row to start the season. And of course we have our friends in black.....Murcia owner Jesús Samper's refusal to make any comment on referee treatment of his team is now beyond a joke.

Real Murcia:

Molinero - Oriol - Jorge - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Iturra (Samuel, 58') - Cerrajería (Richi, 53') - Isaac
Emilio (Borja, 12') - Pedro.


Míchel - Carlos García - Jakobsen - Bautista
Soriano - Verza (Goitom, 70') - Bernardello - Rafita
Alex Vidal (Corona, 79') - Ulloa.

0-1 Jakobsen 7'
0-2 Alex Vidal 50'

Referee : Mr. Jaime Latre. Again when a big decision came....(Pedro shaping to shoot in the area, impeded from behind)....he made the usual call.

Attendance : 8.693 usual in Spain the immediate reaction to 3 defeats in 3 is to call for the head of the Manager. It's knee-jerk. If we had lost to these 3 sides at any other time, it wouldn't be the case. We can't forget that injuries, refereeing decisions and luck have all been completely against us. Accuse Iñaki Alonso all you like....but any side would struggle with the 3 best forwards on the treatment table. Yes we could improve defensively, yes the referee could be at least even handed. But now isn't the time, all considered, to get the shakes. It's time for gritting teeth. Some of the apocalyptic preachers of doom are having a field day. Again...don't forget what we have been up against. When we play Numancia and Las Palmas will be the time to make such sweeping judgements. Some people really need to grow a pair.....the club clearly told us...this season was all about consolidation. Sacking the manager with all that is against us....would be a very bad move.

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  1. Good post. Dread to think what the papers are saying, but hopefully no one cares anyway. As long as we avoid relegation this year I'm happy - and anything else is a bonus. It just makes me more keen to come and add my support. Flight is booked for 6.30am Sat 8th Oct so should make the game, whatever time it kicks off!! Did I read that fondo sur is the place to be?...........