Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From Intolerable Cruelty...to Unbridled Joy.

Photo : Desolate in Gerona...Joaquin, Yayo y Javi....

From Intolerable Cruelty to Unbridled Joy in just 344 days. That's how long Real Murcia's hell in Segunda B lasted.

Both days will remain in the memory forever - and there were so many similarities it was uncanny. The long journey, playing in black against an opponent in red and white stripes, the tight little ground, the rain and the soaking, the nerves, the stress, the injury time Alberto fumble, the injury time massive refereeing decision, the emotions and the long journey home. Whereas in Gerona the referee gave a soft penalty, which escaped Alberto's grasp, in Lugo our keeper managed to regain control of the ball and the ref rightly saw a foul on our keeper as the ball was bundled over the line.

The margins are so fine....a referee's interpretation one way or another can decide a teams future in a moment - there is so much at stake the men in black are also under a lot of pressure. Segunda B is such a bad place to be, and so so difficult to get out of, a wrong or borderline decision can leave you trying to get out for a decade. Financially it's a desert....in England even the fifth level is sponsored by Blue Square....Spain's third level isn't the Coca-Cola, Telefonica or Iberdrola Segunda B...it's just segunda B. Ignored and hidden, only the season end play-offs attracting anything but passing local interest. That means that any self respecting team want out, so it becomes very competitive - making our escape at the first attempt all the more laudable (and as I have repeated many times, being Real Murcia in this division means everyone is out to get you, when we visit the attendance is the highest, when players visit the Condomina it's like their cup final - an extra incentive).

Lugo was great....a walled city, with very friendly locals, nice bars, good food (Octopus to die for....huge crayfish......delicious cockles.....super Ribeiro wines)....all we need for the perfect day was for Real not to lose by more than 2....we suffered but....

Photo : Yayo in Lugo....GET IN THERE!

P.S. Between early Sunday and the madrugada of Monday I was amazed and touched by those who shook my hand and said they actually read the rubbish I write. Gracias!


  1. Great game, although nail-biting at the end. Looking forward to watching Real Murcia again next season after my first season. Enjoy reading your blog as it gives me lots of info that I would otherwise find hard to get. Many thanks. Chris, Mazarron

  2. Gracias Gavin. :) Seguimos siendo el Real Murcia, que es lo importante. Abrazo.

  3. Jesus Christ! Watching it from London, almost for the heart-attack!!! We do deserve it, that's for sure!

  4. Still not recovered from that second half, especially the disallowed goal! Thank goodness we did it, couldn't have faced up to 2 more rounds of play offs. Desperately hoping that Sergio y IƱaki both stay. The news looks a bit shakey at the moment, but I'm keeping optomistic, well, trying to.