Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The commentator....

I know some of you will have followed games on Real Murcia TV or radio....and will have come across the magnificent Jose Manuel Sanchez's commentary. If you don't speak spanish or aren't very fluent, i'm sure it can be tough to follow, especially if just on the radio. But.....is there a commentator who puts more emotion, more feeling into it?

As an example, watch and listen to the goals against Lugo at the NC. (click on the link and then on play, turn the volume up). I can listen to this over and over....

Olé to Jose Manuel....after the crappola he had to narrate for the last couple of seasons, he deserved the promotion too!

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  1. Gavin, it was a real pleasure to meet you in Lugo.

    See you in Segunda soon.