Monday, January 17, 2011

Table After 21.....

The distance between Real and 5th place (who don't qualify for the play off) is now 10 points....and the way things are looking, it will be very difficult for Murcia not to be in the play off. Next week's game against Cadiz is an important one....if we can win, it would mean a massive 11 point gap, plus goal average, which would be almost impossible for them to claw back even over 16 odd games, so the team expected to be our main rivals could be almost out of the race for top spot. They have changed the time of the it is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Sunday 23rd.....unless they change it again.....


  1. how does the top and bottom of the table work in this league?


  2. Indeed, Guiri, can you repost your blog on the promotion process. I think you said finishing top meant you got two bites of the cherry, but still had to go in to a play off anyway.