Sunday, January 16, 2011

Roquetas 0 Real Murcia 3

What a brilliant away day! Although Real only scored late into the game, they always looked in control of the situation. All 3 goals were high class, Kike Garcia with the first after a great cross by Isaac....a towering, powerful header, a real centre forward's goal...the kind of goal that is ever more rare in football these days. Kike was outstanding from the moment he came on....and if he concentrates and is given time, patience and minutes....we could have a real player on our hands. He cooly finished off a great move for the third. Albiol majestically executed a free kick....right in the top corner, for the second. Special mention to Alberto, who pulled off an incredible double save at point blank range. Since Girona he seems to be blessed....ying and yang?

Pablo García - Servando - Guillén - Morillas
Miro (Martin 45') - Manolo - Israel - De Gomar (Javicho 66')
Marc - Pallarés.

Real Murcia:
Gago - Gotor - Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Cámara (Urzaiz 77') - Albiol - Pedro (Isaac 66')
Aquino (Kike 66') - Chando.

0-1 Kike 72'
0-2 Albiol 76'
0-3 Kike 84'

Ref: Mr. Gil Coscollá....was OK, but the game was easy to referee.

Att....dunno....maybe 600....200 odd from Murcia.

On arrival at Roquetas, we went into the ground, and, going up the stairs, the smell of bacon and sausages invaded our noses.....a proper bar, real beer, and, as is typical in Andalucia, a "tapa" with yer beer ("chistorra" or bacon in fresh bread). Lovely. At halftime, back to the bar, and this time they had prepared "migas" to acompany the cold cerveza. Yum. This is what top level football is was friendly, local, reasonable and original, a very pleasant surprise, the like of which I have not seen in a football ground in years.....and which no doubt helps a club like Roquetas to survive with the income it creates. I'm sure there is a do-good quango or health and safety no fun spoilsport out there waiting to pounce on them. After the game.....down into town to the beach area....Pescado frito, Paella, Gintonic, lots of laughs....and all sat outside in just a tee-shirt. Just a perfect day.

Thanks to all concerned.....Mr. Black, Masacra, Sr. Garrido, Paco Isterici, Tarantino, and most of all to the beautiful brunette with the massive gravity defying jugs who seemed to follow us around all day!

Photo : Real are applauded off. Sorry, no photos of the brunette!


  1. the stream was awful for me today, at first eas crashing then went of all together so gave up and had to put the fast man on real murcia radio jajaja.

    seemed like a good game and the cold cerveza sounds nice!!

  2. This was sublime just watching the second half on tv (my stream was fine Joe). Your account of actually being there was even more sublime!! For me; 0-0 at half time = great for tv!. 3 good goals, a great double save, a clean sheet, and nice shots of the RM fans singing after the final whistle.

  3. Guiri Thanks for sharing a beautiful day with us.

    Good football ... good score. Good "migas" and good "pescaito" and "paella". Good beer ... and good wine Riberda de Duero. Good friends and good conversation and laughter.

    ...And beautiful women like the brunette. A goddess.

    I not want to ascend to the "segunda división A". I want to be eighth or ninth. And always, always play in Roquetas de Mar.

    A hug, my friend.