Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Over the weekend the main news in Murcia (and indeed nationally), was the brutal beating outside his home of Murcia regional government's councillor responsable for culture and tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, by 3 as yet unidentified thugs. Badly beaten, he was operated on immediately.

The doctors treating him are going to let him out of hospital, but have prohibited him from attending to any of his duties, meetings, including the important International Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Madrid. But some things just can't be missed, for any reason, and as one of his government collegues explained on the steps of the hospital, they have convinced him to pass on all events...except...."He want's to support his team (Real Murcia). We cannot find any way to restrain him" from attending at the stadium, despite his condition.

Politics aside.....bloody hell.....pair of eggs! I've been to games where I've had a bad cold, a cough, even the shits, but this on a different level. Kudos for him....and for Real Murcia.

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