Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Card Cheat(s) - How bad can Primera get?

Cheating at cards isn't nice, is it?

We all know that Barcelona are the best team in the universe and beyond. And that Real Madrid are the only team with any hope at all of hanging on to their coat-tails.
Just a glimpse of the table tells the same old story after just 19 games :

1. Barcelona 52 points and goal difference +50 (Fifty!)
2. Real Madrid 48 points and goal difference +30
And in a distant third :
3. Vilarreal 39 points, goal difference +18

There are many dark and grubby goings on to keep it this way; including financial jiggery-pokery (I hope that with UEFA financial fair play rules that come into being in 2013, Real Madrid and Barcelona (the worst offenders in this type of cheating) will be taken down a peg or 2). It will also help if they don't get their own way when the TV money cake finally gets cut - they get unfair advantage. Primera has become a mere procession, a competition to see which of the 2 will win...and however many "playstation" type goals or 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 goal thumpings they give out, for me it is tiresome, tedious and ever so predictable.

A few weeks ago a fuss was made when Jose Mourinho encouraged one of his players to waste time and provoke a yellow card, in order to complete a cycle of 5 cards and miss an unimportant game, and have a clean sheet for more important clashes. I have seen this tactic played out many times now. A sneaky foul, timewasting - the infractor knowing full well how many cards they are on and the upcoming fixtures.

This has now come full circle, and in a very absurd and damning manner. How far can the dominance of the 2 have gone, when you have players and coaches and officials of lesser teams, doing the same thing....counting cards, studying the fixture list, and encouraging players on when and how to get that 5th card to miss a game. In order to miss unimportant games? Far from it. I hear that there are sides who make this calculation in order their better players serve their suspensions against Real Madrid and Barcelona. A clear admission of defeat before the game has even started. Any wonder then, at the +50 and +30 goal differences?

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