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Friday, January 17, 2014

Don Quixote Of Goals

I hear that Real Murcia have declined an offer of “over a million euros” for striker Kike Garcia (Enrique García Martínez, Motilla del Palancar 25/11/89). I hope that the club simply told whoever the joker making such a laughable offer was, to fuck right off.

I suspect whoever it was is just taking advantage of Real’s precarious financial position. But that does not mean we should just let our best asset go for a pittance. The facts are that Kike is now fulfilling his potential, a potential that had been limited in the past through some nasty injuries. A run without injury and in a workmanlike team, he looks very impressive, and with 12 goals so far this season, and being the striker with the highest number of shots in the division, seems to now have added composure in front of goal to his list of skills.
Interested parties should know that he is probably the best player in Spain with his back to goal (and I include “primera” in that), able to bring down even the most difficult balls. Has the skill to get round his man. Is a team player but knows when it is time to go it alone. He'll get you an penalty, and score it too. Good with his head. Gives 100% in every game. But most of all he is a Real Murcia player, and loves the club.
I can only image how well Kike would do for a team in the Premier league, where he would have the backing of the crowd to bolster his confidence, instead of some seed munching know-it-alls.
If Real are below where Kike needs to be, and if the club need to sell in the summer to balance the books, then so be it. I just hope we have the minerals to hold out for the right price. Looking at recent deals for strikers (yes, those that demand the highest fees), my calculation of worth is :

Buy remainder of Contract


Just 24 years old




Hard graft




Loves Real Murcia


Total Euros


Total Pounds

Any offer below say €6 million should be laughed off. He’s worth every penny.

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  1. I love the way you calculate the amount of Money. Grande.