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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stayin' up? Don't Hold Your Breath.

On Sunday Real were relegated. Today we have a chink of light that we may just be able to maintain our place in segunda. Why? Yesterday the LFP (Liga de Fútbol Profesional) made public their decision to relegate Guadalajara due to financial irregularities, dating back to 2012.

There are so many questions, so many doubts and so many accusations coming from all the implicated teams. Guadalajara’s relegation means that 4th bottom won’t be relegated, which means that Real Murcia, SD Huesca and Racing all still have a chance to survive.

To remotely understanding the “pig’s ear” that the LFP have made, you have to understand the background of one of the power mongers involved: Javier Tebas, President of the Liga De Fútbol Profesional since April this year.
He and Real Murcia owner Jesús Samper are enemies. This dates back to Samper doing his own thing on TV rights, which led to a court case (which Tebas won) and Real Murcia having a €5m fine. Since then it seems nothing goes our way. Mr Tebas, although born in Costa Rica, has his roots in Huesca. He was indeed president of SD Huesca from 93 to 98, and still acts as their legal representative. He won the election to be the LFP president swearing to clean up the game and stop match fixing (a clear admission that it goes on – despite the fact that in Spain it gets swept under the carpet even with clear irrefutable evidence).
If Guadalajara were to be relegated, what possible good could be done by confirming it before the last game of the season? Why confirm it now? After reading about Mr Tebas, is it any wonder that coincidentally it is announced now Huesca occupy the coveted 4th bottom spot that will benefit from Guadalajara’s relegation?
The rest of the division learnt about this (although it had been rumoured) only yesterday, Monday. Without it, Huesca’s relegation was confirmed on Sunday. Relegation is a sad event. But did they have access to privileged information before everyone else? Below you can see a video of how their coach, Jorge D’Alessandro, reacted to winning and being relegated on Saturday. Judge for yourself. Privileged information? Insider dealing? Looks like they knew full well what was going to happen.

Frankly it’s shocking. With such information, maybe Real Murcia would not have gone all out for victory against Ponferradina at home – a point may have been good enough. Instead we went on all-out attack to try and win, got caught on the break, and nil points.
Before the announcement was made, Huesca, already relegated remember, offered free buses to their fans for their then dead rubber away at Recreativo in Huelva. Normally not 1 Huesca fan would make the trip. Why now for a nothing game? Privileged information? Insider dealing? Looks like they knew full well what was going to happen.
Now you may think that Real have been the losers in recent weeks when the LFP have had anything to do with it. We have been the last to play, knowing other results, heaping pressure on us. Even putting a game on a Monday (attempt to reduce the number of travelling fans?). It could be argued.
Is it likely that Recreativo, with nothing to play for, will suddenly produce a display against Huesca? Or will they just roll over and have an ace up their sleeve with the powerful Mr Tebas? The fella that promised to clean up the game?
Remember referee Mr Pérez Pallás, who literally stole 2 points from Real Murcia with his shocking and premeditated rape in our game with Sporting? I wrote at the time that, amongst other things:
Guess which referee has coincidentally been given the Recreativo – Huesca game? You got it. I wonder if on Saturday he will be inept, or follow instructions?
I would normally have some pity for Guadalajara. But I can’t right now. Remember, Real Murcia are the only team to be relegated for the same thing, back in 1992 after finishing 11th. Back then we were refused any possibility to make an appeal, or for even half an hour of extra time to solve our issues (which would have seen us saved). Any wiggle room given to Guadalajara will be seen as undue disadvantage (agravio comparativo) against Real Murcia.
Is it any wonder that each week, a game or 2 are withdrawn from betting? Since April, everything seems to go Huesca’s way.
Real Murcia – Las Palmas is on Saturday at 6 p.m. We have a last opportunity. But don’t hold your breath. Another team hold all the aces.


  1. UNBELIEVABLE !!! Beating a team in the play-offs and it's enough to stay up. Makes my day at Hercules even more special. bless that Fat Lady...........

  2. Now I'm over the shock what a fantastic weekend it turned out to be & a wonderful free kick that won a deserved win awesome. In life you have to take what ever luck comes your way, it sure was nice after reading your last column as it does seem that Spanish football is very corrupt & at all levels!!!!! Roll on next season & lets see if we can build on this & aim for a mid to top half of the table.