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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bunker Mentality

Remember Millwall supporters singing “no-one likes us, we don’t care”?

The players, coaches and the few unconditional supporters, would do well to arm ourselves with that “bunker mentality”. We are alone, and can only count on ourselves and with our colleagues. The mentality that we are rowing against the stream. Against the referees who want to see us relegated again. Against the local press who confuse information with constant negativity. Against the committees. Against those who insist we can’t, aren’t capable, or aren’t good enough. Against that part of our support that criticizes and ridicule what is supposed to be their team. Against those who will only go when we are in Primera. Against the emptiness of the stadium. Against our rival. Against Messi and Ronaldo. Against the Maestro. Against those that say because I’m a loanee, I don’t care. Against those who say I’m finished as a player. Against those who say I like to drink. Against those who say I’m unnecessary. Against our own mediocre history.

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