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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Real Murcia 0 Recreativo Huelva 3

No excuses...we were piss poor. I don't quite get how we can be the best in the division as visitors, but struggle at home. Yesterday was anothert case of what seemed like going through the motions and little agression, allied to defensive frailty gave Recreativo an easy win. Their first goal was a bit flukey given a rebound that fell perfectly for them, the second our defence fell asleep, and the third was a present. Their keeper made a couple of saves in the second half, but generally had an tranquil afternoon. Just when it looked like we were gaining some momentum, the referee gave Christian Garcia a straight red when a yellow would have been more than just punishment for a foul. And that was that.

Real Murcia:
Molinero - Oriol - Jorge - Párraga (Sutil 40')
Iturra - Richi (Pedro 45') - Isaac Jové (Chando 45') - Óscar Sánchez
Emilio - Cristian García

Recreativo de Huelva:
Córcoles - Bonaque - Borda - Cifu
Matamala - Zambrano - Fidel (Aitor Tornavaca 65') - Álamo (Aitor García 78')
Enrich (Asen 84') - Pablo Sánchez

0-1 Pablo Sánchez 28'
0-2 Bonaque 31'
0-3 Aitor García 85'

Referee: Mr. López Acera. Poor. Thinks he's obliged to whistle for something every time to players dispute the ball. Helped Recre at every opportunity.

Att. 7.912 espectadores at the New Condomina, so again 2,000 season ticket holders didn't turn up. Maybe they just hold their ticket just in case we go up and Madrid or Barcelona visit, so they won't have to queue.

Tough run of games coming up (Celta away, Elche at home, Almería away and Valladolid at home). But in this division, you never know....and I suspect, after a very poor defeat, we just might go to Celta and get a result....

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  1. I was one of the missing 2000 but my excuse was flu rather than buying the season ticket just in case Real Murcia play QPR in the champions league... I think before that happens John Terry will have retired from football and got a job in the diplomatic service. I saw the game on TV and the lack of pressure by us was frustrating. I hope Pedro and Sutil are fit as Pedro seems to have a good understanding with Chando, I think it was Pedro who chipped onto Chandos head for what was almost a goal. As you say, with Real Murcia anything could happen and we could win in Vigo. STEVE