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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Real Murcia 3 Alcoyano 2

It was looking pretty grim when Alcoyano scored their second. The truth is, Real Murcia seemed lost, we huffed and puffed without creating much. Going 2 down seemed to awaken a kamikaze spirit. Coach Alonso had already thrown caution to the wind taking off defenders and putting on attackers. The fact we scored our first very quickly seemed to drain Alcoyano of any physical strength they had, and the fans that had remained drove Murcia forward towards a win that had looked totally impossible a few minutes earlier.

Real Murcia:
Molinero - Oriol (Borja 67') - Jorge - Rubén Párraga
Aguilera (Pedro 53') - Richi - Isaac Jové - Sutil
Emilio - Cristian García (Luciano 92')

Devesa - Rojas - Morcillo - Carrión (Xavi Molina 68')
Fran Miranda - Miki - Cañadas (César Remón 79') - Guille Roldán
Gato - Paco Esteban (Álvaro 45')

0-1 Álvaro 47'
0-2 Álvaro 76'
1-2 Borja 77'
2-2 Cristian García 82'
3-2 Sutil 92'

Referee: Miranda Torres. Brave enough to send off an Alcoyano player in the first half.

Att : 7.110 at the New Condomina. Strange lot, Real Murcia supporters. These is a core of say 4,000 who stick with it through thick and thin, and who have the hope and belief that any adversity can be overcome. Then there are many that, when supposedly easier games come along, think that their support isn't needed and don't even bother to go to the game - yesterday's attendence a couple of thousand lower than the norm. Then there are those of little faith, sprinting for the exit when Alcoyano's second hit the net. The 4.000 that remained were rewarded with a spectacular comeback. I can only imagine the anger of those who preferred to leave, grumbling and swearing, making promises of never coming back, when, in their cars listening to the radio, they hear of Real's bouncebackability. Just another example of how Real slap them in the face, taking away the opportunity to mock and criticise.

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