Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Monday, November 21, 2011


How fickle and daft can you get? Even stupid. I'm frankly disgusted with the behaviour of a sector of the crowd at the New Condomina. Whistling and booing and taking out your frustration on a player that, yes, is a bit out of form, yes, fluffed a couple of tough controls, but who never hid, never stopped running, tried and tried again and again, had a decent first half, and is clearly trying very very hard. You morons.

How does it help? "Let's humiliate him, Let's try and demoralize him" they must be thinking. Let's boo and hiss until he crawls away weeping. Do they really think it's to their supposed team's benefit to do this? Numbskulls.

This is a player that can be very very dangerous and tricky. It's a player who stayed at Real to right the wrong of relegation to Segunda B....not like others who sneaked away blaming others. He stayed, fought, and played a big part in our return.

How can you, yes you, you vermin, dare to try and bring Pedro down? You that whistles were the same who pissed off as soon as Barcelona B scored their second. Half angry, half wanting to miss the traffic, but fully buggering off so as not to miss 10 minutes of your beloved Real Madrid.

Thank goodness there are many decent fans at Real. Those who cheered Pedro off when he was subbed, those who, when Barcelona scored their second, sang the team through those hard last 15 minutes.

To the boo-ers, PEDRO doesn't deserve that. And if you think it helps, you are as thick as pigshit.



  1. I couldn't agree more...When they did it I thought exactly the same as you did.

  2. Very well put. Hopefully he will have a stormer against Alcoron in the next home game. Alex

  3. Got to say I was a bit shocked by the whistles, especially for somebody who gave everything for us in segunda B. But, I guess all the whistlers didn't support the club last year, when it needed it! Pedro will find his form soon.

    ¡Ánimo Pedro!