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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Enemy Within II

You would imagine that after an 8 game unbeaten run and after winning a derby game, all would be well and our friends in the press would be contented, or even moderately positive, about the prospects for Real Murcia. Surely local journalists should have a minimum of partizan feelings?

This is Juan Ignacio de Ibarra. They call him Maestro (Master), and he has a street in the town named after him. If he is the master then it is no wonder the level of sports hacks in Murcia is so bad. He will make predictions of doom every year, that we have failed in the transfer market and have signed useless players. Those who have stayed weren't good enough to start with and a long etc. If the season is a failure, he will say, grinning and proud and full of himself, that "I TOLD YOU SO". If we are a success, he will jump on the bandwagon and say the same thing "I TOLD YOU SO" even though he said the complete opposite. He literally sold out to the defunct "Ciudad de Murcia", after Real Murcia stopped all his freebies and inside information. On a live TV show on Monday, he told Cristian "Ruso" Garcia that "I don't like the way you play". To a player that in just 20 minutes on the pitch scored 2 goals and generally made a great impression. Why would he say that? I think I know.....a mixture of unconcious antimurcianism, senility and Chivas Regal. For me, he's just a clown, but for many he is influential, and forms their opinions for them, most of the time negative. A millstone around the neck of the club.

Last night on "La 7" which is our regional TV station, I was watching Villarreal v Manchester City. Now, I'm used to seeing games on Sky where you have one presenter, and three ex players or managers, who have inside knowledge and coaching badges that back their opinions. The 7 panel consisted of one ex player and three journos, one of whom, Jose Antonio Ruiz Vivo (above), is also a politician and spokeman for the Murcia regional govenment. Quite why he should be allowed to spout his inexpert opinions over a Champions League game I don't know. He used the opportunity to preach time and again about how he is a Madridista, a Real Madrid supporter, and to critisize Real Murcia, it's owner, and in particular player Paco Sutil for his comments after the derby game against Cartagena. As I have said on a previous blog....I can't see what the issue is with a player stating that he would like to see us promoted and our main rivals relegated. These were comments made amongst friends, not at a press conference. Now there are two things I dislike about Ruiz Vivo. Firstly he pushes his Real Madrid support well over a limit that should be normal on a local Murcia station. And's the hipocracy. Not a day goes past without him being on the radio in his political capacity wishing his conservatie (Partido Popular) party victory in the upcoming elections, and a resounding defeat for the labour (Partido Socialista) party. What moral ground does he have to demand an apology from Paco Sutil for doing the same thing he himself does every day? Is he going to apologise to the socialists?

This is the "old guard" we are up against. Hipocrites and know-it-alls. Pity that the next generation are similar....with few exceptions.

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