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Saturday, November 19, 2011


At present, Man City are a few points clear at the top of the Premier league. I really don't get why there is so much praise being heaped upon them in the press. Have they worked tirelessly to build a team, whilst living within their means? Has a successful youth policy developed a crop of home-grown talent? I know they are, sorry, were, a proper club with proper fans....but now they are just the biggest payer to the ever more mercenary modern player.

Reading the papers you would think that Mancini was some sort of magician. He's not.

Well run clubs have no chance to hang on to stars when City offer to double their salary. They are so "rich" they can even sign players to stop them playing for a rival.

Yesterday, and without one iota of worry or embarrasment, City announced losses of £ 194,500,000 (€ 227,500,000) in just one year. And that my friends isn't sport, isn't competition, in fact, it isn't anything except financial doping. Cheating. Cheating of the highest order. City are making it even worse with the vile attempts to hide losses through super inflated sponsorship and naming rights with the family of their owner. It's about time the rest of football, the hardworking, well run and decent clubs, said enough is enough.

Chelsea's titles under Abramovich hold zero merit for me. There should be an * and in brackets the money lost each season in persuit of silverware. Citys record loss will make their title worthless in my eyes.

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