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Monday, October 3, 2011

Las Palmas 1 Real Murcia 1

So that's 3 matches unbeaten after our unlucky start. You have to say that Las Palmas had most of the chances (Alberto was in great form) but that late in the game it was Real who looked more liekly to take all 3 points. If we could just steer clear if injuries and get a break from the referees (again a doubtful but probably justifiably awarded penalty against us, never a sending off but Oriol saw a red card). In 6 games we have had minimum 8 good claims for pens, 5 of which you could say were indiscutable, and none awarded. Against.....4 claims, 4 awards. This has to balance itself out sooner or later. Unless there is a hidden agenda....(which I doubt).

I think we are still improving, and are going to be tough to beat home or away. "Colocho" Iturra is a class act...suspect that if we don't obtain promotion (more than likely given our objective is consolidation) we will be playing in Primera next year....he just seems to be one step ahead in anticipation, coolness on the ball, speed over short distance, decisionmakimg and combination of team play. We need to have Sutil fit (he was injured in training and will be out for almost a month), as Pedro, who can be brilliant, is too Jekyl and Hyde and was at his erratic worst on Saturday. Emilio Sanchez scored a good goal from a free kick...leaving the keeper flat footed, but I think for away games Aguilera should be in the starting 11, as he puts in the mileage and will disrupt a lot of opponent attacks. We looked a bit weak in that department, hence the number of Las Palmas chances.

Las Palmas:
Pignol - Ruymán - Diego Herner - Vitolo
Sergio Suárez (Quiroga, 46') - David González (Artiles 46') - Guerrero (Hernán 82') - Javi Castellano
Juanpe - Viera

Real Murcia:
Oriol - Ivan Amaya - Jorge - Óscar Sánchez
Mario Marín - Iturra - Emilio Sánchez (Ruso 72') - Pedro
Richi (Aguilera 76') - Borja (Molinero 57')

0-1 Emilio Sánchez 36'
1-1 Vitolo (pen) 53'

Referee: Mr. Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo. Too quick to send Oriol off for what was only really a yellow. Bookings for Real players Amaya, Emilio Sánchez, Iturra, Pedro and Mario Marín.

Att : 9.132

Interesting to read our "friends" in the local press. Yesterday the headline was "One Chance, One Goal" and followed with criticism of the lack of chances created. Today it's "Can't Keep a Clean Sheet". Clearly they are out to put a negative slant on everything, but the arguments are wafer thin and don't stand up to scrutiny (we had at least 4 good chances I can remember, for example).

Anyhow....onwards and upwards, Xerez come to town on Saturday (6 p.m. at the New Condomina). Let hope we can continue the unbeaten run.

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