Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Funny how in the week running up to the game I was really looking forward to the match. Evidently I had forgotten that this was Xerez who were visiting. Now as far back as I can remember, I would say more than a decade, Xerez have always been terrible visitors.....always looking to waste time, playact, use the dark arts and foul cosistently....and yesterday was no different. It seemed that every time Real broke, or made space, or beat a man....the little tug, the snide foul, the clip of an ankle or the crude obstruction came about in order to give Xerez time to get back a reorganize to defend the dead ball. The constant fouling got beyond a joke towards the end of the first half, of course it all went unpunished except for the award of free kicks. We huffed and puffed, play well at times, but just seemed to be nervous in front of goal. Our best chance came whn Chando, playing his first minutes of the season, lobbed goalwards only to see Doblas pull of a great save. Xerez rarely threatened with any danger.

Real Murcia:
Molinero - Jorge - Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Iturra - Emilio - Cerrajería (Aguilera 83') - Richi (Isaac 79')
Pedro - Cristian (Chando 62')

Cámara (Campano 55') - Robusté - Lombán - Mendoza
Bruno - Rueda - Capi (Codero 82') - Redondo
Israel (Óscar Díaz 65') - José Mari

Referee: Mr. Arias López. Just unbelievable, the worst of a very poor bunch so far. Let Xerez get away with constant niggly fouling, gave a series of stange decisions, blew for a lot of really soft fouls, didn't let the game flow. One wonders what on earth they are being taught. Frustrated everyone.

Att : 8.878

Again a referee failed to see another 2 good shout for penalties. One a pretty clear handball, the second an absolute stick on, the keeper rushing out and literally bundling over an attacker. I don't understand. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but....the facts make you think. In 7 league games we have had a dozen good penalty shouts, of which 7 or 8 I consider very awardable. None have been given. Thats 0%. Now....against us I can remember 4 penalty shouts, 3 of which have been awarded. Thats 75%. It just seems that any minimal contact is a pen against, but as yet we haven't been able to present a signed confession form a defender in order to get one in our favour. These things should even themselves out over a season....but this looks very very lopsided. At least we managed to finish a game with 11 men.

Photo : The magnificent Manuel "Colocho" Iturra. Again looks to be on another level to the 21 other players on the pitch.


  1. How the foul from the goalkeeper was not given as a penalty i'll never know. However there was room for optimism in that game. Dont forget that this team has achieved this points tally with no proven goalscorer. Chando looked different class when he came on. I do hope when Chando is full fit that iñaki will go 442 at home. At home, we seem to line up to 'not get beat' rather than to take the game to the opposition. My opinion remember. Alex (fondo sur).

  2. I'm hoping we can keep Chando fit and see him with Sutil supplying the ammo....
    For me...I would never play anything but 4-4-2....maybe 4-3-3....:-)

  3. Very annoyed with this seasons TV deal. I cannot find a feed yet again of the game. I notice that the club's website does not have any highlights of games either. Any other suggestions than Rojadirecta? Pete