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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Footballer Bullfighter

Ever been to a Corrida de Toros? If all goes well, and the Matador is entertaining, the crowd sing their Oléee's. They cheer. The band strikes up a Paso Doble. If the president of the ring deems he is deserving of a prize (one ear, two ears, and the tail of the bull in order of importance) he can be carried shoulder high through the "Puerta Grande" (The big door). Now, if the Matador isn't entertaining, isn't performing well.....there is firstly silence. Then there is the a warning....and then there can be the Bronca (a jeering, a telling off). This attitude runs deep, and is applied to football by most Spanish fans. Do well, everyone is your best mate. Not so well, and far from support or understanding, you will be abused, trodden on and left devoid of confidence by what are supposedly your fans.

C'est la vie!

P.s. This week there are bullfights almost every day in Murcia, part of the Feria de Septiembre. Always worth a look at least once in a lifetime, if only to form an opinion.

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