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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Seven Crowns

Since 1922, our club crest has featured 7 crowns at it's centre. These signify the seven crowns given to the kingdom of Murcia, that also appear in the city's flag.

The crowns were originally 5 - and were given to the city and realm of Murcia by Alfonso X. They were 5 signifying that Murcia was the fifth kingdom, after Castilla, León, Galicia and Córdoba, that this monarch incorporated into his dominion. The sixth crown was bestowed to the kingdom of Murcia by Pedro I "the cruel" (XIV century). The 7th and last crown came from the hands of Felipe V, in thanks to Murcia for their support in the war of succession against Archduke Carlos of Austria at the start of the XVIII century - it is said that 400 Murcians along with 700 regular soldiers saw off over 6000 of the Archduke's "europeans".

The large crown sits on top of our crest since 1923 when king Alfonso XIII awarded Murcia Foot Ball Club (sic) the title of "Real" (Spanish "Royal"), hence the club's name, Real Murcia (Royal Murcia). This crown was removed, and the club again called just plain and simple Murcia, when the republican government of 1931 prohibited anything that made reference to the monarchy. After the civil war, in season 39-40, the crown was reinstated along with the Real Murcia name, and remains to the present day.


  1. Hi Guiri, im a 16 year old Aston Villa fan and our family have an apartment on one of the polaris world resorts in Murcia. Because of this i have started to look out for and follow Real Murcia. Thanks to you, i can now see how they are doing when before it was very hard to find out. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jack - good to know my hobby...this blog...helps. Can you get to home games? Spread the would be nice to see more ex-pats at the New Condomina.

  3. Its a great blog keep it up mate! We dont live in spain though we have the place for holidays (i wish we lived out there!). Its a shame when we usually go its pre season and they are mostly all away games. we all would love to see a game though!