Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Olimpico Totana 0 Real Murcia 5

First warm up match of the summer. I didn't see it, naughtily preferring Eric Burdon and his Animals at San Javier.

First half we lined up with :

Juanjo - Luciano - Oriol Lozano - Óscar Sánchez
Mario Marín - Juan Aguilera - Richi - Luis Carlos
Samuel López - Isaac

In the second half there were plently of substitutions, with players like "Saint" Alberto, Molinero, Iván Amaya, Migue, Nandi, Nico Varela, Pablo, Emilio Sánchez, Pedro and Kike coming on - so many reserve team and youth players involved.

The first half finished 0 - 0.....then a goalfest by Kike who scored 4, and Pedro with the other.

Real Murcia also unveiled their new away kit : Yellow shirt, black shorts and yellow socks. I'm not against the colour scheme - but the club crest should always be on the left, over the heart. To me it just looks like new club supplier Joma have taken a stock shirt and bunged a Real Murcia badge on it....rather shoddy for a centenary club. Let's home the new home shirt is a whole lot better than this.


  1. Going to Eric Burdon & ¿The Animals? concert was definitely a better plan than watching that warm up match, although Burdon is... let's say worn-out, but it's always a pleasure to listen to those classics. I think I saw you next to stage!

  2. You did.....front row.....a little worn out, yes, but fun all the same. Pity the audience mumbled all the way through J. Scofield.....