Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Friday, July 8, 2011


Yes! Finally, 39 days late, we received our well earned pot as champions of the 80 teams that participated in Segunda B.

Photo : Here we see Juan Antonio Samper (jeft) collecting the champions trophy from RFEF president Angel Maria Villar (right).

What should be a happy event brings into focus a lot of what is wrong with the lower levels of Spanish football, and how it is viewed by officials and fans alike. How on earth can Villar and his ilk think it's a good idea to present the trophy at a general meeting, over a month after the players had gained the title? Is the third level's title considered so insignificant, and it's winning such a minor achievement, that it carries with it a certain shame? I know that for english readers this is a bit unfathomable, but in Spain, where 99% support either Madrid or Barcelona (with their European Cups and Liga and Copa del Rey Titles, yes, all presented on the pitch after the title winning game, to the club captain), any smaller trophy is almost accepted with a blush. So do the RFEF think that (for example) Real Murcia fans aren't bothered about the cup we have won fairly and squarely, after a great effort by the squad? Do they think the players are happy to have no pot to parade to their happy fans after the win against Sabadell? They need to start to realize that there is life after Madrid/Barsa.

And for those in Murcia who hide behind those big clubs ahead of Real Murcia with the typical "oh Real Murcia don't win anything"......we are 9 times (NINE!) champions of the Spanish second division. So shove that up yer hole!

Photo : Majority shareholder Jesús Samper (left) and director Victor Alonso (right) proudly show off the silverware. The champions of Segunda B group IV trophy (right) and the segunda B Champion of Champions trophy (left). We should be rightly proud.


  1. I think you're wrong about the Liga trophy. It has never been presented on the pitch. Ask Barcelona or Madrid fans about it.

    They get the trophy weeks later, or the next year if they win the league in the last week. They don't have two of them ready like other countries do.

    And it's a shame, of course.


  2. the trophy looks th same as the la liga one lol then it means they are champions as well