Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

There is a final today!

But it doesn't seem to be being taken seriously. I don't expect to see more than the normal 7,000 or maybe even less at the Condomina this evening. I won't bore you again with how disappointed this make me feel.

It could be a great game - Real obliged to win by 2 goals to overcome the 1 - nil deficit from the first leg, and a chance for the squad and fans to do some mutual thanking.

Team news is that Richi won't be playing today after having his appendix out, and coach Alonso is expected to line up a mix of the regulars and bench players. For some it may be their last game in a Real Murcia shirt - the press speculating on the futures of at least half the squad. Alonso himself has yet to sign a new deal - however both he and owner Samper have said that there are just a few odd details to iron out on a new 2 year deal. Just a formality.

So....the cake is made, filled and iced. Let's just put the cherry on top.

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