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Friday, June 24, 2011

Talk is Cheap....

The "La Verdad" local daily reports that ex-pepperman Jose Luis Acciari is certain to return to Real Murcia in the summer (he is under contract at Elche). The title of the report is misleading....."ACCIARI RETURNS TO MURCIA"...and leads off with "Jose Luis Acciari will play at Real Murcia for the next 2 seasons, and is the first signing of the summer". But then......then it makes clear that this isn't official. So he isn't signed and isn't sure to play the next 2 seasons at Real Murcia. As Acciari is a cult figure at the club - this looks like a blatant case of dressing up rumour as fact in order to sell papers.

Would he be a good signing? Committment would be 100%....he's a confessed lover of the club who brought him to Spanish football. As mentioned, a cult hero with the fans after he scored a goal against Levante in 2003 that gave promotion to primera. But don't ask Acciari to be creative, as with the ball at his feet he's quite limited. do need a player like him in the squad....he's an old dog, and knows all the tricks....he can foul, playact, argue with referees, and generally play the role of a baseball closing pitcher....come on and make sure we hold a result.

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