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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sinister Purpose

We all know that Sergio Fernandez renounced the chance to continue as director of football the day after promotion was assured in Lugo.....his destination, historical rivals Hercules Alicante. His contract terminates 30th of June.....but why on earth would Real Murcia want to let him continue to use the club's offices and facilities until then, given everything he does is aimed at improving an opposing team?

Are the Samper brothers being too nice? I know they probably don't want to fall out with him completely....and Fernandez did say he would never do anything to hurt Real Murcia's interests.....but what's wrong with some garden leave? I suspect all the information built up over the last 12 months is now safely on a CD or pendrive and being used for Hercules's benefit. As with their slowness to move on transfers and contract negotiations (sometimes meaning we miss out or a player has their head turned), are they being too slow to act decisively on this too? Are they taken in by Fernandez's assurances? For me....if you know who the "fifth columnist" is....fer fecks something about it! Quick! Get im aht!

The day after he decided to should have been "thanks a lot, now clear you desk and piss off". He's was even hanging around at yesterday's game.....spying for Hercules no doubt.

I don't get the clubs attitude on this.

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  1. That song is a good choice.
    I think Hércules could sign one of Real Murcia's players this season. S. Fernández knows them well and he sure know what player could help Hércules.