Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Self congratulatory post. This blog is a year old today, 269 posts later.

I surprised even myself.....didn't expect it to go on for so long, expected it to be abandoned like so many others are after starting with good intentions.

Thanks to all of those who followed, commented, or have said hello in person.

Reaching this landmark....has me thinking of perhaps making the blog bilingual......



  1. Felicidades Gavin!!!
    Espero que sigas muchos años más con el blog, da gusto leer tus articulos.

    Bilingual? No, yo lo dejaba así.

  2. Thank you Gavin for all these posts. You are the clearest and purest connection I've got to access news of our beloved team.


  3. Thanks Gavin. Your site is the only way I get great info on the club. Keep it up. Chris

  4. Congratulations!
    You're doing a great work. Keep writing in English! (though i'm spanish)

  5. I can't say enough in support of this blog. Buying a house in Spain naturally meant picking a local team to support. And after lots of web searching picked RM and this blog has helped massively in being able to follow whats going on and maintain an interest from the UK. This past season has seen my first visit to NC (for a neutral game!!) and an Imperial away game - but its a start....... sad to see the quick demise of the online shop though. Onward to next season and my first proper home game. This blog will of course be the first to let us know when next seasons fixtures are out. Keep up the good work. Also I didnt want to support too "British" a team so the bi-lingual aspect would be good in helping us to learn the lingo. I expect it helps some locals learn English too!! Have a great Summer Guiri and family.