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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Draw fixing at the RFEF

They are at it again. The inept useless bunch that run the game in Spain (see posts anon). Take a look at the video. This is the draw for the promotion play offs from Tercera to Segunda B. Special attention from minute 3.30 - they call up the president of Alcobendas to choose....and he just asks the official, thinking his voice isn't being recorded...."which ball is Arandina?"...the official shows him which one it is....he grabs it, keeeps hold of it whilst moving the balls around, pulls it out....and surprise's Arandina. He punches the air in celebration that his club has drawn Arandina....but hang on a minute....he forgot that he's still to draw out his own club.....the official points at the ball he needs to select and mutters something without moving his lips....this time no simulated mixing of the balls, he just goes straight in and pulls out.....surprise again....Alcobendas.

Pretty shocking. I doubt any action will be'll be swept under the carpet and forgotten.

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