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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Melilla 1 Real Murcia 1

As expected, a very tough away game in North Africa. I though Melilla got away with some very rough play, should have had at least another 3 bookings and had one player sent off before the interval. Their brutish forward Chota got away with murder....and after being carded, cut Mario Marín down from behind, a clear yellow, which the ref didn't have the balls to show him. Dibi also committed an X rated lunge on Amaya who escaped without serious injury, but was only shown a yellow.

Melilla's opener looked offside, and the replays show it was very close, but offside. The linesman...well.....if you saw it on TV or the internet, now you know who ate all the pies! The pitch was also a factor....dry, bumpy, every ball seemed to bobble at the wrong time and it looked as if we were heading for defeat. Thanks to a deft header from Kike (on a great scoring streak), we took a point....that could have been all three had Pedro not wasted a great chance late on.

Llamas (Ramos 78') - Herreros - Mahaman - Rodríguez
Dibi (Azrack 33') - Enguix - Bravo (Amarito 65') - Carlos Ruiz
Guille Roldán - Chota.

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Mario Marín
Aguilera - Cámara (Cañadas 54') - Albiol (Aquino 59') - Pedro
Kike (Urzaiz 78') - Chando.

1-0 Chota 18'
1-1 Kike 75'

Ref : Mr. Álvarez Pinardo. Another who needs to grow a pair....should have sent one, maybe 2 Melilla players of in the first half, but lacked authority and let them get away with it. One of his's OK for me to have a beer belly....but a assistant ref in professional sport who has to run up and down the line? A disgrace.

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