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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bleating / Do we have to be PC?

I really can't get on with political correctness in any of it's forms. Maybe that's cause I'm becoming a bitter old git...or is it? Calling a spade a spade, or letting one's true feelings known has become very rare...indeed it seems we value a PC lie more than we do the difficult to digest truth. This week I wanted foreign clubs I have zero affinity with to beat english club sides. I admit. Yesterday my son and I ran around the living room when Lyon equalized against Real Madrid. Usted perdone. Last week I felt sick when Spurs got lucky against the worst AC Milan side I've ever seen. Sorry.

I'm not alone, I know. So should TV commentators take this growing minority (? I question if it is a minority) into consideration when bleating on about Real Madrid or Chelsea or United or Arsenal? On TVE last night the commentator was having kittens when Madrid scored, he screamed and screamed and screamed, and all game long made mention of "Cristiano" (Ronaldo), "Sergio" (Ramos) and "Iker" (Casillas) as if they were his best mates. Surely he must be aware that 99.9% of the 45% of the population who support Barcelona (his viewers!) are not with the PC bollocks and fervently want Madrid to receive a thrashing? Just as this was vice-versa last week when Barsa lost to Arsenal....I can't imagine one Madrid supporter that wasn't happy (and again the TVE commentator referenced Messi as "Leo", Iniesta as "Andrés" etc.). This whole first name thing must be really annoying for, say, a Racing Santander fan when they face either Barsa or Madrid. Surely the commentator should be neutral, and not on first name terms with one side but not with the other?

I can remember as a kid, when we didn't have footy saturation, wanting Liverpool to win the european cup. I can still see myself wanting a Bolton, Everton or Sunderland to succeed in europe, but a Man Utd, Tottenham or Chelsea? No effin way! Some see this as small minded, but I can't help it.....and I'm only being honest.

I have a similar problem when it comes to international football. I want England to do well, to win...but....week in week out I think Ashley Cole is a greedy bastard, John Terry is pure excrement, Frank Lampard is thick and a complete tool, Wayne Rooney is a diving cheat with a permit to insult officials, Crouch and Defoe are just Tottenham....I can't just suddenly and as if by magic switch off and want the best for them. I don't have it in me...I still want the opposition striker to deliberately disfigure John Terry's face with a terrible sickening elbow and then "El Hadj Doiuf" him. I apologise.....but that's how I feel. Truth.

Anyhow....I seem to have gone completely over the top. The question you support all your nations club sides as is PC? Or are you plain crazy like me?

I'll get my coat!


  1. Hay muchos comentaristas en España que se dejan llevar por los sentimientos del equipo. Carlos Martínez de Canal+, al que considero el mejor de todos, de todos es sabido que es barcelonista confeso. Y se nota a la hora de celebrar los goles y ver las jugadas dudosas. Deberíamos escuchar con la misma intensidad todas las jugadas de los dos equipos. ¡Es lo más justo!