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Sunday, January 2, 2011

One World is enough.....

The window is now open, and the mere mortals have to scrape around for a player to reinforce their squad for the "segunda vuelta". For the footy authorities, all is rosy.....Spain are world champions, Barsa and Madrid rule...and as this fact contents 90% of the consuming public, they are not under scrutiny. But you only have to look into the second division to see how bad things are. Half of the division in administration, Rayo and Betis prohibited from bringing in players due to non payment of wages. Further down the ladder it's worse. In our own division of "B" Real Jaen have been unable to supply transport for away games and players have used their own cars, Estepona are on the brink and may withdraw from competition, Caravaca's players protesting by kneeling for the first minute at the New Condomina.

And what are the radio and telly on about? How to sort out the lower leagues? How a profound restructure is necessary? A detailed analisis of club finance? No, unfortunately.....Barcelona and Real Madrid's under 12's played in a tournament and that was deemed more newsworthy. A kid's 7 a side competition. You couldn't make it up.

There is no love of football, in Spain.

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  1. The hard core at RM still have a love of footall, same as those at Gloucester City. The photo that streams across the top of this blog showing the boy and 3 blokes in tears after relegation is the sort of passion we want to hang on to - it gets me every time! But we still have to exist in a league set-up that supports football in general and it worries me greatly where this is going. From Gloucester having to move grounds because it doesnt hold 3,000 - in a division where only 2 clubs ever got anywhere near half that, right up to FIFA "selling" the world cup to Qatar. We'll see where 2011 takes us.