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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Off Topic: Perfect System, gone wrong…..

Democracy. Spoilt by anti-democratic politicians. What a thoroughly disappointing bunch they are. I always imagined democracy as the perfect system, where we all get our say, and therefore the government can swing from left to right and in the course of time maintain a centre heading as they do and undo according to their own political ethos….but with the common goal of governing to serve the people. Oh what a stoopid romantic I am.

Now politicians only believe in their own party’s line, and they believe in it more than they do in democracy, and for me that means a line has been crossed. How many times do we see a MP scaremonger us come election time, about how terrible it’s going to/has been be with the other lot, how it will mean the end of civilization as we know it…..when really all they are bothered about is their own feathered nest and how they may have to turn in a decent days work if voted out of office. How often is a circumstance either acceptable and to be forgotten or pardoned, or needing severe punishment and a resignation, depending on which side of the fence the miscreant is on?

The immediate and “as a matter of course” rejection of all policy coming from the other side is a clear demonstration that they do not even consider their opponents policy, never mind study it. Horrors, it may actually make sense and serve the common good. No…it’s theirs, therefore it is bad. Wouldn’t it be nice to see good politics…I’m not saying agree on everything, heaven forbid, but just occasionally see beyond party lines?

I find party activists unfathomable n’all. I can see why football fans stand by their team, whatever they do, but a political party? Consisting of a bunch of largely dishonest, never done a real day’s work, straight out of university and onto the gravy train, house flipping, moat cleaning, suited even on their days off, hypocritical, know-it-alls? You must be joking! Waving a flag at a political meeting in support of a over-privileged toff or a middle class luvvy socialist? I’d rather stub my toes or have my wisdom teeth out…or even watch Cartagena’s next away game.

Me, I’m a fine upstanding and uncorruptable fella, and will sell my vote to whoever promises to lower income tax.

End of rant.

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