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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The irrefutable FACTS

- Segunda B group 4 is a very tough division. FACT
- Segunda B isn't the dungeon our local sports journo's make it out to be. FACT
- Our stadium is the best (if not the biggest) in Spain. FACT
- Real Murcia are top. FACT
- Cadiz have lost 7 games (SEVEN!) against our 2. FACT
- Only Sevilla B have scored more goals. FACT
- No team in the 4 groups of segunda B have more points. FACT
- Only 9 goals conceded in 19 games. FACT
- Defending well also constitutes good play. FACT
- Real Murcia are now out of administration. FACT
- "Real Murcia are at their worst moment" (Angela Moreno from La Opinion, mid December) is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard! FACT.
- Going down was bad but has cleared out all the crap. FACT
- We have a very very good chance of going straight back up. FACT

The future's bright, the futures Grana. FACT!

Photo : The Nueva Condomina....the real thing, not a computer generated image. FACT!

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