Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Real Murcia deserved to go through!

...and I say this in all seriousness. Really.

First leg :
Diarra not sent off despite deserving a second yellow in the first half.
Probably penalty for handball after Richi shot.
Definate stick on pen Madrid's Albiol handling clearly and deliberately.

Second Leg :
Incase you think I am mad or too biased, I will quote from yesterday's Marca (Real Madrid's press mouthpiece)...

"What matters are the facts. And the facts are that of the five Real Madrid goals, only 2 were "clean" - Granero's first and the third, in a master play between Xabi Alonso, Di Maria and Cristiano. The rest....we have already talked of the second, where Higuain scores with Ramos on top of the rival keeper; the fourth from a penalty after a dive by Di Maria, and the fifth, a (deflected!) free kick by Alonso from an edge of area handball that wasn't".

Photo : Neither referee Paradas Romero or his assistants thought this was a foul or offside!

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