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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cup Second Leg - Madrid v Real Murcia

Kick off is at 8 p.m. tomorrow Wednesday (7 p.m. UK time), you can probably watch on the web, not on the club's website, but on the usual P2P pages such as

Everyone expects Madrid to thump us - and this is possibly our best ally. The Bernabeu can quickly get on Madrid's back if they don't take an early lead and are being frustrated, so the more they are expecting a big win the better it is for us. I expect we will try to keep it to nil-nil as long as possible, try to frustrate.

For me a good result is anything less than a 4 goal defeat, as Madrid have dished out some thrashings to Primera sides already this season.

Coach Iñaki Alonso said today that :

"The team will be on the attack, our objective is to score at least a goal. On Monday we practiced penalties. We have to give everything for the fans that are going to see us, we have to show ourselves to be a team in capital letters at the Bernabeu, and enjoy ourselves. It is key to have no complex, no fear".

14 buses have been filled by Real Murcia. This is great....but.....where were all these people when we played "life or death" league games at Elche or Girona last season?

I think there will be many Madrid and Barcelona supporters using the cheap transport and cheap tickets made available by Murcia.....I hope Real Murcia fans give them the trip from hell. We should not have to accept that Madrid supporters from Murcia go to their Mecca on the back of our club - at the same time as they are wishing for it's defeat. Even less acceptable is that the Murcian Barcelona supporters suddenly discover a passion for Real Murcia when normally they ridicule anything to do with the club. Real Murcia cannot be used by the sheep when it suits them. You are either in or out....and if you are out.....leave us alone! Shows a total lack of respect to real Real Murcia fans by both white and blue-red plastic fans.

Oh dear....that turned into a rant. Will be there tomorrow....


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