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Monday, October 11, 2010

Yeclano 1 Real Murcia 1

Happy to come away with a draw.....I have never seen a pitch so small, and Real Murcia found it hard to adapt, and the officials (especially the linesmen) were so close to the fans that they were clearly influenced. The stadium, Yeclano and the Police were clearly ill prepared for such a game.

André Luiz - San José - Chino (Raúl. 77') - Piru
Vilaseca - Cano (Crivi, 60') - Andrés - Biri (Juan Carlos, 64')
Tomás - Tonete.

Real Murcia:
Luciano (Isaac, 54') - Gotor - Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Richi - Cañadas (Pedro, 45') - Albiol
Kike (Aquino, 75') - Chando.

1-0. Andre Luiz (27')
1-1. Pedro( pen 89')

Referee : López Amaya. OK. Correct decision on the penalty.

This is how close you are to the action.

Tickets for the game were without seat numbers or even an indication of which stand to go to. This is crazy....and even before the game there were some incidents. Once the Real Murcia fans had been confined to one side of the pitch (you can't call it a stand, it was just pitchside with 2 steps) the home fans started insulting Murcia with shouts of "Puta Murcia" (Whore Murcia) and "Efese" (in support of Cartagena) clearly provoking the visiting fans.

Real Murcia struggled once behind....Yeclano worked hard and stifled almost all our attacks. They also used underground tactics; wasting time, play acting....kicking balls onto the pitch whilst Murcia attacked. The worst case being when, after Richi was clearly fouled in the box and Pedro was taking the penalty, a ball being thrown on from behing the goal - it didn't put Pedro off, who scored, but the referee decided that the kick should be repeated. What if Pedro had missed the retake?

On the final whistle, a few fans went on the pitch, mostly just to pat the players on the back......the police reaction was to charge. One fan, perhaps a little the worse for beer intake, but certainly not being agressive, was violently shoved in the chest and fell to the ground - OK he should not have been on the pitch, but that cannot justify GBH. Others were hit repeatedly and unnecessarily with truncheons. It must be boring being a copper in a one horse town, and they seemed to be enjoying throwing their weight around. They seemed to be out of control, undermanned, and were just not up to the task.

Yeclano as a club should take responsability for failing to segregate home and away supporters, and for the incidents that followed.

The official club website informs that the bus carrying the Real Murcia club players and officials was stoned and some of the windows smashed.

Yecla.....I hope we never go back.

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  1. I´m glad I didn´t go in the end-the ground looks worse than Cambridge Utd, but at least the penalty curse has been lifted.
    See you at the Estepona match-Steve